Lagging for Friction Drive Belts

  • For standard drum motors
  • For food and hygienic applications
  • Flat belt, multi V-belt or round belt applications
  • High resistance to oil, fuel and other chemicals
  • Lagging increases friction between drum motor shell and conveyor belt
  • Longitudinal grooved lagging reduces liquids between belt and shell
  • Centered V-groove for belt tracking facility
  • Multiple V-grooves for V-belt or round belt conveyors
  • Hot vulcanization for high-torque drum motors
  • Hot vulcanization is more hygienic

Lagging has an influence on the outer diameter of the drum motor and on the velocity. The belt pull and speed of the drum motor must be recalculated based on the increased diameter.


Hot or cold-vulcanized NBR; other materials upon request

Ambient temperature

-40 to +120 °C

Shore hardness

65 to 70 ± 5 hardness A (cold-vulcanized); 70 ± 5 hardness A (hot-vulcanized: white and blue); 65 ± 5 hardness A (hot-vulcanized: black)

Lagging for Friction Drive Belts (PDF. 243 KB) Download

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